Donate your art
to artists and people in need

Submit your art! Once your art is approved, you will be helping them during this tough time.

We are pairing visual artists with members of the music community to collaborate on an exclusive shirt design that fans can purchase in support of their favorite artists. Every penny of the profits will be split between the beneficiaries and visual artists.

Music and Service Industry:

- Bands, Recording Studios, Music Venues, Sound Engineers, and Bar/Restaurant Staff

Anyone in the music/service industry can sign up to have a shirt made on their behalf. You can recommend a visual artist or we can find one for you!

Artist Community:

- Artists, Illustrators and Designers

Help your community with your art. Submit your art to a beneficiary page and you can split or donate all proceeds to them.

What does do?

MerchLink will handle all production, order processing, and shipping. We'll be waiving all of our fees to maximize support to the communities in need. We'll need your help getting the word out! Each shirt is made to order to keep the process as waste-free as possible.

If you would like to create a benefit page, please contact me! Ryan Marshall